download Mydrive
Download MyDrive

Download MyDrive

Choose the best route even before stepping in your car with the latest updates. Download MyDrive for the best navigational experience. Set up your custom traffic updates for any traffic delays. See where the traffic is right now and share your destination with other users.

Benefits of downloading MyDrive

Know before going: Get precise traffic information in real-time with the latest updates. View where the traffic starts and ends.

Custom traffic checker: Set up a custom traffic checker for getting alerts. Get optional routes in case of delays.

Set the destination: Easily set up your destination with a phone contact. Send the route to your device by synchronizing it.

Personalization: Manage home, work and all your favourite destinations.

TomTom MyDrive Connect

TomTom MyDrive Connect

Update your navigation device by downloading TomTom MyDrive Connect. Install the app on your PC or Mac computer. Manage content, maps, addresses, routes and services on your GPS device. Download the latest maps, software updates and get new services. Our team recommends all the users connect the GPS device to the computer regularly to check for updates. We release several updates every week to add new features and remove bugs.

Ensure that you are using the latest software version. Connect the device to your computer and the app will automatically start.

Check whether you have the latest version of the app on your computer.

Connect your device with the computer using the USB cable provided with the sat nav.

Log in and choose the updates you want to install after a new screen opens.

TomTom MyDrive Connect install

Click the button below to download TomTom MyDrive Connect, install it on your computer for managing your map, software and content.

1. Make sure that the navigation device is not connected to the computer.

2. Run, open or save when prompted.

3. Follow the installation wizard for installing MyDrive Connect.

If the app installation does not start automatically, locate the file and start the wizard to begin the process.

1. Log in to the app:

After the installation, the app will start automatically. Login or create a new account.

Connect the Sat-Nav:

The app will prompt you to connect the sat-nav to your computer. The device will charge automatically, use the USB cable to connect to the computer.

Device setup

Power on your GPS device and follow the instructions to activate the services.

TomTom MyDrive connect update

TomTom MyDrive connect update

Get the latest version of TomTom MyDrive Connect, update your GPS device with new maps, software and services. Download now for Windows/ Mac by clicking on the button below.

Keep your GPS device up-to-date

The device home page will show the updates available. You can start downloading with one click.

Managing device content

Easily manage updates, maps, speed camera and other device content.

Access support material

Get user manuals and similar support material easily. Smart media Connect helps you with it.

If you are having any problems with MyDrive Connect, contact our GPS experts.

Issues during TomTom MyDrive Connect download

Some of the issues that can arise during the TomTom MyDrive Connect Download and installation.

Sat-nav not connecting to the computer:

If the GPS device is not connecting to the computer, then there can be an issue with the device, the computer or the connection.

1. Check the Connection and restart the device.

2. Ensure the device is powered on.

3. Connect the device directly to the computer and not to the mount.

4. Plug the device into a different USB port.

5. Check your computer for firewalls, antivirus or any pop-up blockers.

6. Give full access to the app.

Compatibility with the app:

Update the app with the latest version. Install all the recommended drivers. Now, start the software and connect the device.

If the issue persists, contact our device experts.

Errors with downloading and map installation:

Errors during the process can come up because of many different issues. Try downloading the app again and leave the GPS device connected to the computer.

If you are again getting an error, do the following:

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the app.
  • Check your sat nav is connected to the software.
  • Ensure you've got a stable internet connection.

Use a different computer if these steps fail. Contact our GPS experts for help.